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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Review: Chasing Forgiveness by Tia Silverthorne Bach


When terror strikes, forever altering your life, it doesn’t ask permission or forgiveness.

Madeleine and Amélie’s quiet lives are ripped apart by a creature they never imagined could exist outside a horror story. Their mother is murdered, their father is missing, and the only safe haven is with a family full of secrets. But rescue comes at a price.

Ripped from the light of youth, the sisters are forced into the shadows—where they meet brothers Rafe and Rowan.

It’s not the time for infatuation or love, but the heart rarely listens to reason. 

Now, the young women have decisions to make. Will they be able to achieve their unified goal of stopping evil, or will it consume them from the inside out? 

They soon learn some choices can’t be undone.


I read Chasing Forgiveness during the Booktube-a-thon. It fulfilled the challenge of "read a whole book without letting go of it"...literally. I really enjoyed this novella. It was a little confusing at first with the jumping back and forth between the girls' POVs, but once I got the hang of their individual voices, then it was smooth sailing.


 Madeline was the strong and brave sister, whereas Amelie was the sweet and understanding one. Towards the end, I felt sorry for Amelie. I hoped we would get a more detailed look at Rowan's character but since this is a prequel novella, I'm sure he gets more attention in the subsequent novels (which I haven't read YET). Rafe was downright scary. I got a weird vibe from him from the beginning and gave myself a pat on the back that my instincts were right.


 This was my first book by Tia Silverthorne Bach and I really enjoyed her writing style. I hope to continue this series in the near future.


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