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Monday, March 21, 2016

Review: The Cellar by Natasha Preston


Nothing ever happens in the town of Long Thorpe – that is, until sixteen-year-old Summer Robinson disappears without a trace. No family or police investigation can track her down. Spending months inside the cellar of her kidnapper with several other girls, Summer learns of Colin’s abusive past, and his thoughts of his victims being his family…his perfect, pure flowers. But flowers can’t survive long cut off from the sun, and time is running out….


My stomach dropped as a tall, dark-haired man stepped into view. Had he been hiding between the trees?

"No. Sorry." Gulping, I took a step back. "I'm not Lily."

He shook his head, a satisfied grin on his face. "No. You are Lily."

"I'm Summer. You have the wrong person." You utter freak!

I could hear my pulse crashing in my ears. How stupid to give him my real name. He continued to stare at me, smiling. It made me feel sick.

"You are Lily," he repeated.

Before I could blink, he threw his arms forward and grabbed me. I tried to shout, but he clasped his hand over my mouth, muffling my screams. My heart raced. I'm going to die.


This book was a total impulse buy back last year while I was perusing the book aisle in Target. I can't visit Target and not take a quick peek (read: at least 15 minutes) at the book aisle. The Husband does not understand this rule, and when I have to go to Target with him, I leave feeling empty because I don't get to stop by and see my friends in the book aisle.


It's no secret that I'm very picky about what contemporary books I will read, especially YA. I need more in my plots than some girl wondering if the boy likes her or not...which seems to be the majority of YA contemporary (okay sure, there's some coming of age stuff in there, but since I've already came of age and surpassed it, I'm good, no thanks). So, when I read the synopsis and learned it was about a girl who gets kidnapped, I was sold.


The beginning of this book was so slow for me and I just felt like all Summer did was whine. I know, totally justified, but that girl spent an obscene amount of time crying. I found myself skimming over the chapters in her POV, which is ridiculous since that's where all of the good/horrible stuff is supposed to be happening. I even found Lewis's search for her more interesting. I wanted more from Colin's POV. I wanted more about his childhood with his mother who supposedly made such an impact on him that it drove him to severe OCD, killing prostitutes (chill, it's not really that big of a spoiler), and kidnapping the girls. So your mom caught your dad running around on her...totally not enough basis to turn into a psychopath, for crying out loud. I dunno. I'm just on the fence about this one. I gave it 3 stars because at about 70%, some drama ensued and I couldn't put the book down because I just had to find out how it all ended. Honestly, if I wasn't going through withdrawals from Criminal Minds (I marathoned all 10 seasons and can't find season 11, *sad face*), then I probably wouldn't have picked it back up.


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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Review: The Whispers by Daryl Banner


This book can be read as a standalone. Although reading the Beautiful Dead Trilogy would enrich your experience, it is not required.

Jennifer needs to know the truth about the Beautiful Dead. Do they really exist, or is it all a lie?

She faces punishment from the university if she pursues her forbidden Undeadly studies - but she could also change the world. One reckless decision (that may or may not be totally illegal) sends Jennifer and her friends embarking on an adventure of adeathtime to find the truth at last.

She did not expect, however, to discover the fate of all humanity resting in her little Living hands.

The Beautiful Dead Trilogy

The Beautiful Dead (book 1)

Dead of Winter (book 2)

Almost Alive (book 3)

Or snag the box set!

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange 
for my honest review.*


I don't even know where to start with this book. It's a blessing and a curse all wrapped up in one lovely package. I was so excited to get my hands on this book. I most definitely was not ready to say goodbye to Winter & Co., so when the chance to get an ARC was presented to me, I pounced on it right away. That being said, I think I went into this one with my hopes up just a little bit too high. But let me explain!


I was hoping for more backstory on how the Undead came to be and I was hoping for more glimpses of Winter and John *SPOILER* even though I knew they literally blew away in a cloud of glorious undead dust at the end of Almost Alive. I clung to the false hope that maybe Jennifer or John (come on, his name is John!) would have some confusing dreams about Winter and John (which has yet to be confirmed that they are, in fact, Winter and John reincarnated, but I'm going to assume/hope/pray/beg that they are). It just felt like something was missing for me. I think it's because I'm still so attached to Winter and John. And this is my fault.


Now that we've gotten the hard part out of the way, let me tell you that The Whispers will draw you in just like The Beautiful Dead trilogy. You don't have to read The Beautiful Dead trilogy to understand what is going on in The Whispers, but ohhhhh I highly recommend it. Trust me. You will get so much more out it if you do.


Having read The Beautiful Dead trilogy already, this book made me so nostalgic for that world. I loved all of the little nods to the trilogy throughout the story. I was so eager to breeze through the book and see what would happen that I'm sure I missed a lot of the references. It was like finding little Easter eggs. I'm going to have to do a reread, take my time, and make a list...but first I'm going to have to reread The Beautiful Dead trilogy so that all of its wonders are fresh in my mind.


 The Whispers completely whetted my appetite for more stories in this world. I have several conspiracy theories about why Jennifer wasn't allowed to further her research on The Beautiful Dead and present all of her truthful findings. I have theories about just who Professor Praun and President Vale really are. I just have so many theories and questions, and the book was only about 200 pages, which wasn't nearly enough. I'll never have enough of this world.


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