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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Review & Giveaway: Z-Bot by S.C. Mitchell

Z-Bot (Xi Force #1)
by S.C. Mitchell
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Publish Date: December 6, 2017
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing, LLC

Chris Johnson never really started living until he died. Orphaned, fostered, and drifting through life, the twenty-seven year old programmer had no family, little money, and few friends. But he also had no enemies. So, who the hell killed him? After an experimental process brings him back from the dead as a zombiebot, he gets the chance to find out.

Heather Logan’s latest process uses nanobots to reanimate a corpse. Half robot, half something raised from the dead, Chris is her first successful resuscitation. Questions abound. What is it? Is it truly alive, a machine, or some kind of zombie-hybrid?

But someone wants to steal Heather’s secret process and put her out of the picture permanently. Chris, with his new superpowers, is the only thing standing between Heather and an assassin’s bullet. Is he enough of a hero to save her?

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Chris’s curiosity piqued. Seriously, computer-controlling-me, you don’t even want to acknowledge her? How rude.

“Is it working? Is he mobile? God, this is so exciting."

Okay, a little over-the-top bubbly for his tastes, but she did seem nice.

Heather extended her hand flat out toward Chris. “See for yourself.”

“This is it?” Amber’s tone ratcheted up an octave. “Oh my God, Heather, he’s gorgeous!”

Heather’s eyes were dancing. “Amber Harris, meet Christopher Johnson.”

Chris Johnson. He really hated being called Christopher.

“Oh. Oh wow. How do you do?”

His head swung toward the newcomer now. “I am in proper working order.”

Real smooth, dumbass.

Amber’s auburn tresses framed an attractive, pleasant face with big green eyes. Her just-slightly-too-big mouth spread in a broad grin.

She held out her hand toward him.

Chris’s gaze went down to the offered hand. Take it, dummy. That slight tingle on the left side of his head again. His right hand placed the spoon it held on the table and took her hand, offering a single shake before letting go.

Amber placed the palm of her hand against his cheek. “He’s so warm, so life-like.”

Heather chuckled. “With the exception of brain function, he is technically alive again. And even there, the EEG picked up an anomaly. Actual brain wave activity.”

Amber’s big eyes widened even farther. “You think a part of him might still be in there?”

“It’s something I need to check out once the computer has fully integrated with the brain. That could take a few days. We may have to delay Phase Two.”

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


Z-Bot read like a movie. I got major Bourne Legacy vibes while reading it, only there was more steam. *nudge nudge wink wink* Jeremy Renner was my Chris Johnson. 

In fact, once the Bourne Legacy vibes hit, Rachel Weisz was who I pictured for Dr. Heather Logan as well. It all just fit. 

I found the concept of the zombiebot to be very interesting. Dr. Logan injects a newly dead corpse with hundreds of these tiny nanobots that reanimate the body. In Chris's case, his consciousness/soul remained and so he retains all of his personality and memories while also having all of the tactical advantages and strength that the nanobots give him. He has a titanium "under coating" beneath his skin that protects him from bodily harm. His skin regenerates when it is cut. He also has tons of IT knowledge from his previous job/life so he is able to mentally hack into his own computer that has been implanted in his brain and do all kinds of computer-y stuff without ever needing to lay hands on one. Oh, and he's stacked with muscle. Basically he is a hunky, super-charged bad ass.

I would like to note that there is no instalove but there is some instalust, which seems more believable for me because you can be physically attracted to someone with one glance but love takes time. As the story progresses, the romance does appear, though. 

If you're looking for a fast-paced, easy read that will keep you gripped until the very end, then I recommend that you give Z-Bot a try.

S.C.Mitchell is a writer of paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy romance, who crafts unique and wondrous worlds where characters explore, romp, and fall in love. Whether traveling through demon-filled dimensions, deep space, or ancient mythological heavens, heroes and heroines, face fantastic challenges on their pathway to enduring love.

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